What Causes Warts

warts are the result of the hpv virus!

You came to notice one day that you have a little bump on your skin and after doing a bit of research, found out that the little thing is called a wart. They are caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV and can be transmitted directly or indirectly. If you came in contact with a person with the virus, and unknowingly touch the wart, blood or liquid coming out of it, the virus in all likelyhood was directly transferred to you. If on the other hand you were to touch a door knob that someone with the virus has touched, consequently you may catch the virus by touching that door knob. What causes warts are the spread of the human papilloma virus and we should not worry too much about it to the point of driving ourselves sick since most of us has developed some kind of immunity towards the

Most direct contact with someone infected with the wart virus will be with the hand, therefore most people who develop warts will see the initial outbreak on their hands. Once the virus has entered the body, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will see the wart right away. It can take months or years sometimes for the virus to develop into full blown warts. At times the virus may stay dormant inside a person and still can be transmitted to others without any signs  from the person transmitting the virus

Once the virus has entered the blood stream, depending on the immunity system of the host, it may show up on the hands shortly after contamination then the virus may slowly spread towards other parts of the body. If your immune system deals well with the virus, it may be neutralized to a point where it will no longer do any damage to your system or show any signs in your body. If however, the host has never been exposed to the human papilloma virus and is not immuned to it, the virus can spread throughout the body.

HPV is what causes warts in the first place and it is good to mention that there are many kinds of warts. Common warts like overgrowth of skin cells are seen in frogs, dogs, cats and human. There are also plantar warts, seen at the sole of the feet and which can make walking very painful. Genitals warts are also another kind of warts that can be transmitted as well and will develoop in the genital area. Having warts on your body can be painful depending on the location and can also be unsightly. It is best to consult with your doctor at the first sign of wart outbreak for a quick way to get rid of them.

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